Should We Really Annihilate Pests?

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Parasites are indeed parasites. They damage our body and the place where we live. Some of these parasites terrify and scare people, although in other cultures, people actually eat certain types of parasites. Yes, eating pests is a form of pest control in addition to pesticides. But since time immemorial, humans have consistently fought against parasites and neither has ever won. As technology advances, different pest control methods also become more sophisticated and are capable of killing thousands. However, these creatures are still part of our existence to this day. With this, we ask ourselves, should we really annihilate different types of parasites?

It is possible but there are repercussions. It has been documented in several scientific studies that destroying one parasite is a boon to other types of parasites. For example, when people try to control the rat population, flies have become more abundant in the environment. This is because they have no rats to feast on. Therefore, they come out and attack garbage cans, houses, and other places that are attractive for flies.

To propose total annihilation to some types of parasites is to tinker with the balance of nature. We must keep in mind that there are always advantages and disadvantages associated with this. For example, mosquitoes are a food source for frogs, so when there isn’t enough of them, you can expect frogs to seek out another food source and God forbid, one that frogs might find to their liking might have pharmaceutical benefits for humans. Have you ever wondered why some people around the world eat locusts, cockroaches and mice? They do this because they derive perceived nutritional benefits as well as satisfying hunger and as a kind of pest control in their vicinity.

The scientific community uses different types of parasites as guinea pigs for their experiments and studies them different for technological improvements. For example, scientists have often wondered why cockroaches can survive a nuclear war. With that, they are now dissecting this type of parasite in search of the protective component that will help humans survive a potential nuclear apocalypse. If we completely eliminate certain types of parasites to prevent disease, we could also achieve more health-damaging destruction. In our biology class at school, we learn that one life form completes another variety. Therefore, this complementary system is a natural form of protection for humanity against more harmful

With that, we can now understand why people used the term “pest control” instead of pest massacre or genocide. It is the realization that we need some of this planet’s parasites as a means of controlling other parasites as well. Eliminating a parasite is the propagation of another type of parasite. Clearly, pest control recognizes the reality that the balance of nature should be observed. Therefore, the approach is population containment and not extinction. Therefore, people should always be prepared with pesticides to protect themselves and at the same time prevent the explosion of parasites within their families.