How Shower Filters Are Useful For Well Water

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About 1% of the UK population has private water supplies to their homes. These houses are generally in rural areas and on farms. Areas where standard municipal water suppliers cannot reach and are not connected to the water supply for the rest of the UK. Generally these private water supplies come from springs, boreholes, streams, rivers or in many cases they come from wells that were dug by the property owners or existed on the properties before the owners occupied the property / land. In some cases these wells may have been present during or even before the Roman settlement in the UK, so some of these wells may be of quite ancient inheritance. Therefore before using one we must first understand and alleviate any safety issues that may abound in relation to the water contained in that particular well.

What is usually in well water?

When using a well or any other type of private water supply, it is necessary to test the water before using it. This ensures that the water is safe for whatever purpose you intend to use it. Whether you’re drinking or showering, it’s important that the water you might shower in is actually safe for consumption as well. So, before you even consider putting a shower filter on any well-drawn water, make sure the water has been tested to ensure it is safe for consumption.

Bacteria, Algae, Parasites

Because a well is exposed to the environment and is typically located in a topological depression zone, rainwater that falls around the area and then flows along the ground (or underground) and collects in the well can sometimes be polluted with faeces. animals that are scattered on the ground.

Choosing a shower filter with KDF-55 will help kill bacteria and algae because it has natural antibacterial properties. That said, as bacteria and viruses can cause serious illness, it is recommended that you test your water to ensure there are no potentially harmful contaminants in your well water, and that you don’t just rely on a shower filter to protect yourself from these hazardous materials. .

Heavy metals

Metals such as; mercury, iron, magnesium, copper and a variety of other heavy metals occur naturally in soils across the UK. A small amount of heavy metals can generally be found in most water supplies, whether from wells or from municipal water sources. Even small amounts of some metals are actually needed in our diet to keep us healthy, for example people with low blood iron can suffer from health problems such as anemia. However, due to the nature of a well, the water in the well can have long-term and constant contact with the soil which can have heavy metal concentrations that are actually harmful to humans. These heavy metals can become soluble in well water and if left unchecked can cause serious health problems. When showering in water that has high copper concentrations, blonde hair can turn green.

Again, a shower filter with KDF-55 will also help eliminate water-soluble heavy metals. The water-soluble heavy metals will bind to KDF-55 and it can remove up to 90% of the heavy metals from the water as it passes through the shower filter.

Water hardness and pesticides

Just like the heavy metals in well water, the water found in wells is typically harder than above-ground water sources. This is also because the hardness of the water (which is attributed to the higher mineral content in the water) is increased due to the exposure of the water in the wells to the soil which can itself have higher mineral contents and therefore these minerals they are expressed by the general environment that the water is in contact with and is absorbed by the well water.