Amazing Peru – Check Off the Life List, This Country Has a Lot to Offer

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As they age, people like to take stock of what they have done in their life. People start thinking about what they have accomplished, what they have seen and what they still want to do. This causes many of us to create a wish list, or as Morgan Freeman called it in his film with Jack Nicholson; The wish list. It can be overwhelming to look at the amount of goals one has yet to achieve and frustrating not knowing where to start. But there is one country in the world that is affordable, exciting, and full of activities that will most likely be on your list. You will truly feel that you have accomplished something after visiting Peru.

There are so many exciting activities that can be done in the South American country of Peru. It only takes a short time to see many of its attractions and even if you only have a couple of weeks, you will be able to check many of your life goals during your trip.

Machu Picchu tops most people’s list. If there is one thing you have to see in your life it is one of the greatest ruins on the planet and this is the best. Located in the Andes Mountains, it is a fascinating Inca ruin atop a 2500 meter mountain. Take in the spectacle as you sit on another peak overlooking Machu Picchu and try to imagine how it was built over 600 years ago without technology. Make sure you get there early to beat the crowds and feel the magic as the clouds and mist burn. Machu Picchu is made up of 200 buildings that overlook the side of a steep mountain that leads to the deep valley below. Whether you hike the Inca Trail, visit Macchu Picchu, or take the train for a breathtaking journey through the Andes, you won’t be disappointed.

Is skydiving at the top of your life list? People are often looking for something that makes them feel alive, something that gives them an adrenaline rush and excitement, and something unique and exciting. If you are in Lima, head to the Mira Flores waterfront. You will see dozens of parachutes floating above the city. Follow them and you will find a patch of grass on a high cliff overlooking the ocean. This is where for just $ 20 you can take a clifftop tandem jump for some air as you ride high above the skyscrapers, the ocean, and along the Lima coastline.

Many people want to see one of the great deserts of the world. The Sahara or the Kalahari are a couple of the famous ones, but did you know that Peru has some of the largest sand dunes on the planet? Located in the Ica region, you can take a deep desert tour with a dune buggy. This is not your everyday relaxing buggy ride, however, you will dive close to vertical cliffs only to spin to the bottom and take off again at full speed over the desert dunes. Not only that, you will be treated with an introduction to sandboarding. Feel the freedom as you cruise on the sand or board like a sled and whiz down the hill into the valley below. It will make you feel like a kid again.